Hi, I’m Marika, and I’m delighted and kinda in awe that you’re here.

My aim with this weekly Substack is to amuse, inspire, and hopefully remind you of your inherent and lovely worth-full-ness with my words.

I’m a writer, coach, and educator living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my barbecue-obsessed husband, my video-game-obsessed 12-year-old son, and my musical-theater obsessed 10-year-old daughter. 

I’ve written a book about teaching writing to second graders, and my work has appeared in numerous educational journals. My current writing projects are more focused on my journey on the whiplash rollercoaster of #momlife, my never-ending tangoes with perfectionism and worthiness, and, most of all, the shifts that can help us stretch our arms all the way around the messy in-between times of this lovely life.. 

I relish the experience of writing here on Substack, mostly because of the amazing opportunity to interact with like-minded humans! I’d love if you’d consider taking one (or both!) of the following actions:

  • Write to me and let me know how a posts landed, what it made you think of or wonder about, and maybe share your results if you were inspired to try one of these experiments in your own life!

  • I’d also love to hear about the experiments you’ve run in your in-between times, or any you think I should try in my efforts to experience more delight, awe, ease and yes! in my days.

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Experiments to uncover the delight, awe, ease & worth-full-ness available to us in the in-between times of life


Marika Páez Wiesen

Marika Páez Wiesen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two tweens. She’s working on a book about using the in between-times of life to transform your relationship to perfectionism, worthiness, and time.